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If you are ready for the biggest impact and transformation in your business, scroll down for a snapshot of my programs, private client coaching and consulting so you can find the option that’s perfect for you.

Perhaps you are now ready to upgrade your business and want to discover how to leap to the next level with wisdom and confidence.

Remember... That which remains hidden or unseen holds the key to your greatest future success.


Maximising what you cannot yet see within your business is an art and science.

When you master the art you will find your hidden business growth opportunities.  You'll find your perpetual stream of new clients.  Whether you are a new business or you already have a well established successful business, discover how common held beliefs about how to grow a business hold most business owners back from exponential profits and success.

Do you want help now?

Borrow My Brain

Nobody achieves success on their own.  And nobody builds a great business on their own.

Got a question?  Struggling with a thorny business, marketing challenge or problem that keeps going round and round in your head?  Not sure where to turn or who to ask?

I can help.

This is for business leaders who want a solution to a pressing, unsolvable problem.

Your investment: £450

Deep assessment of your problem and solution options delivered in a personal call of 60 minutes.  The onlooker sees most and solving problems, even difficult ones with deep focus need not consume your valuable time.

Are your serious about growing your business?


Exponential Profit Multipliers & Revenue Driven Maximisers.

LEVERAGE! will give you a simultaneous deep dive and birds eye view and analysis of your business.

If you are ready to upskill, uplevel and turn your business into a streamlined system for client attraction, service excellence and optimal client satisfaction, then consider Leverage as your strategic partner process.

This is for business leaders who want to focus and generate an exponential profit multiplying and revenue driven maximisation machine.

Your investment: Personal to you and your business.

Initial deep assessment of every facet of your business,  Incorporates my 200+ point assessment to pinpoint the most impactful opportunities for immediate growth.

Do you want to build a word of mouth business?

Be Remarkable

Growing a business through word of mouth is a dream for most business owners.

How can you stand out and bring a sustainable, self perpetuating and reliable system that regularly brings you a stream of new clients who are perfect for your business?  Gail has built her own businesses through word of mouth.  She has shared her business process with her private clients for more than a decade.  She's seen great results and how to accelerate the process.

This is personal mentoring.  You will learn the psychology and neuro-science that can break or make your word of mouth process.  You will receive proven words to grow your business so you'll no longer be tongue tied at the vital moment.  You will discover how to get straight to the heart and mind of your prospective clients.  Once you know what to say you'll kick yourself that you didn't know this sooner.  If you only want to make one change to bring in new clients to your business, make sure you use this word of mouth program - it'll take your business up to the next level...

This is for business leaders who want to build their business through word of mouth referrals.

Your investment: £495

Personal 2.5 hours training bespoke to you and your business.  Includes script so you'll know what to say.

Do you want a system for scaling your business?

Growth Gears Transformation

Accelerated Business Growth mentoring with Gail Biddulph

I train you in how to use 6 fundamental strategies that will significantly increase your business turnover and ultimately profits.

These Growth Gears have been responsible for business turnaround - even in the most critical of crisis moments.  This system has also delivered exponential growth for already successful companies.

Growth Gears are fundamental for anyone wishing to optimise and profitise from opportunities they already have in their business.  Once you know how the gears work, you can keep using them to grow your business with zero additional marketing spend.

If you are growth focused and want a cost effective way to grow before you spending more, on marketing, Growth Gears deliver.

This is for business leaders of any size business who want to create a menu of ways to maximise and profitise their business.

Your investment: £1995

Personalised 6 sessions each 2 hours in duration.  Includes all the step by step actions.   Includes 30 days of my implementation support after your last session. Option to include my full support throughout the duration of the program.

Do you want focused support for your business transformation journey?

Unlimited Laser Coaching

Growing and scaling a business can be a lonely place.  Knowing there is someone on your side, guiding you, ready to challenge your ideas and make sure you are taking the right steps in the right order is priceless.

Unlimited Laser Coaching has been designed to maintain your momentum with bite-sized tasks.

The time with me is truly unlimited.  There is only one rule: do your agreed actions before you book your next call.

This is for business leaders of any size business who want unlimited support to maintain momentum and reach one specific goal or implement one specific strategy.

Your investment: £4997

Unlimited number of telephone calls each of 20 minutes duration for a full 12 months.  There is only one rule and that is you must have taken the agreed action before booking your next call.

Do you want to feel better whilst growing your business?

Body & Business

At the heart of business transformation is human transformation.

Whenever we are ready to take our businesses up to the next level we must first upgrade our own personal thinking and feelings.  Often for growth focused business leaders this is the hardest task of all to accomplish.

Body & Business is exclusively for my business leader clients who find themselves stuck at the hidden edge of growth.  Working with deep focus to nurture feelings for the future growth.

This is exclusively for my business leader clients.

Your investment varies depending upon the well being treatment provided and frequency.  

Businesses succeed, whatever the size of your business, when you systematise your business, create your roadmap for success and follow your Route To Success.

Your Route To Success generates your Business Breakthroughs and enables you to do less and achieve more.

Joining how you feel, what you think and what you do in your business into one simple business system what works irrespective of how you feel means your business will always be working for you.

I provide a holistic, strategic, helicopter view of your business, and have the know how to join the dots delivering improvement plans for crisis times, people, processes, products/services, operations, outsourcing, leadership, management all in the name of transformational business support.

My quest is to support good businesses helping the owners to transform to great, sharing all the wonderful stuff I've learned through my career that has transformed the businesses and lives of other good business people.

My approach ties together five interrelated areas of essential business systems, knowledge mastery, variation and improvement, the heart of well being and the art and science of psychology.

Balancing essential efficiencies of systems and processes with the fundamental human requirements reduces stress, improves productivity and maintains high levels of well being essential for organisations to do better business and transform from the inside out.

Looking at a business as a whole enables chain reactions of seemingly unrelated problems to be seen.  Solving the right problem first creates a domino effect removing many other problems to transform business results.

Find out how to transform your business