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If you're the kind of person who doesn't need a coach, we should have a conversation

Gail has a natural warmth, calmness and elegant professionalism and that is easy to connect with.

Her unique approach helps business owners understand that success is more than just strategy.

We live in a time where it is possible to have it all - more time, more money and more clients.  Gail’s ‘dive deep’ techniques blend purpose, passion and profit into a whole realism of what this vision means to you.
Liz Keaney, KindnessCODE Warrior™

Delivering Greater Business Impact

Businesses large and small are increasingly finding ways to impact more people, implement business systems and expand with confidence.

Maximising every growth and profit opportunity, discovering the power of mind and business systems business ensures you can do less and achieve more  in your business and life.

Chaos diminishes, stress reduces and you'll find the much sought after work life balance improves.  A business should work hard for its owner and when you discover one fundamental, innate human characteristic you'll see how your brain has blocked your business growth and what to do instead.

Adopting the remarkable mindset and elevated perspective you'll find you're ready for anything - even when you don't know what to do.  You'll be strategically and confidently embracing evolution whilst purposefully designing your business future and enjoying more time for you.

If you want more impact and more work life balance, let's transform your business.

Our Philosophy

I’m good at what I do, but I'll only be happy when..." these are words I often hear from clients, who are some of the most talented specialists, yet they feel empty inside and continually strive.


Most people think... "It’s easy for you, you're an expert."  If only they knew the internal struggle of people who lead their field.


You see, most people think... that success is a place where people no longer feel fear.  The truth is... successful people step towards their fears.


Most people secretly think... it feels wonderful to be admired.  The truth is... if you are the most interesting person in any room, you're in the wrong room.


Most people think growing a business is expensive.  The truth is... successful leaders dig deep, make the most of every hidden opportunity and grow exponentially.

We Believe

Every successful business leader is still only playing on the surface.  They have hidden depths and can experience even greater impact.


It's easier to think big, than play small.


Exponential growth and transformation happens when inner wisdom meets business efficiency.

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Gail is an exceptional strategist who took a consistent approach to resolving a range of complex issues in a business with which we worked.

As a superb communicator, she had a clear vision of how the business needed to be taken forward and developed a marketing strategy to direct the business.… She knows what she is talking about.
Robin Trangmar M.Ed., SFHEA., FRGS., CharteredMCIPD - Director, BiviBag Adventure