Transform and Grow

Have you ever wondered how you could possibly grow your business without having to burn the candle at both ends?

When the tired and tearful moments well up for no reason and you ask yourself if it's all worth it.

And did you think about ditching it all in when you felt so guilty and stressed saying no to another fun or family activity because you've got to work?

Unblocking Your Brain Is Key To Your Success

Your business thrives when your mind is clear and your feelings make you sing (even out of key!)   When you work with me you'll discover I give you business and personal results because they go hand in hand.

Think of what I do as working on two next door gardens at the same time - one garden is you, the other is your business.  If you leave one garden overgrown the weeds will choke the beautiful flowers of the other.  Pay attention and tend both gardens at the same time and they will each flourish and grow.

So, whether you're looking to solve overwhelming business problems or  you want a straightforward system bringing a steady stream of clients to your door I have the experience and deliver the results you've been searching for.

Working With Me

Borrow My Brain 

Growth Gears

Business Breakthrough 

Get It Done Unlimited Mentoring


This is a one-to-one personal consultation where we work on your body to release your brain blocks and develop your business strategy. 

How this works

You send me your business problems and let me know how you are feeling.  At a prearranged time we have a 20 minute telephone conversation and agree which of the holistic treatments (Yoga Nidra, Ancient Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Reiki) will be most suited to how you are feeling and what you want to achieve.  We confirm the date and time, and you visit me at the allotted time.  

You will receive the holistic treatment of your choice before we work on your business problems.  The combined Body & Business sessions vary in length from 2½ hours to a full day dependent upon your chosen treatment.  Please note Body & Business is only available to women.  

What is your investment? 

These sessions are affordable and offer massive value for money.  Working with your physical body to release subconscious blocks is fast acting and powerful. The ideas you will receive as part of the business consulting session can give you at least ten times the money you spend.  You have the choice.  If you choose to go ahead, please read the note below.

I only work with people committed to really unblocking their brain and taking their business up to the next level.  I have a very busy schedule working with people.  So, if you're curious or simply want to consume more information, I'm really not the person to help you.

If you're motivated and ready please remember I do ONLY one Body & Business session per day.  It is advisable to book in advance and you can contact me to book