Social Responsibility

I am passionate about continuous improvement and integrating values into our businesses and lifestyles. 

There are more people consciously treading lightly on Earth, and I am one. 

I am involved in a number of initiatives including:

Forests for Peace 

For every new person I work one to one with in 2020 I will plant a tree on your behalf.

Very often in business we become consumed by all the "stuff" we feel we have to do every day.  It can leave little time for nurture; either of ourselves or our environment.  Trees have played an important role in my life and as I help you grow your business, I will also be nurturing our planet.

Think Before You Thank 

Over 64 millionunnecessary emails are sent in the UK every single day.  These are unactionable one or two word pleasantries including ‘thank you’.  If each person sent one less "thank you" email every day, we would save over 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year.  This is equivalent to 81,1522 flights to Madrid or taking 3,3343 diesel cars off the road.  

Sending fewer emails alone won’t solve the climate crisis, but it helps to shift our mindset by cutting down on unnecessary tasks so we can all improve our lives as we reduce carbon.