Services for transformational change & optimal performance

Gail supports business owners and leaders to step confidently forward with a change in perspective knowing they are purposefully creating their future life and business.

Gail provides integrative coaching, consultancy and holistic business advisory services.


If only you could figure out what's wrong with your business and come up with the idea you need, then you'd be OK.  A new idea, service or product, marketing strategy, business strategy or an entirely new approach to making the money you need and want.  Discovering the key can transform your business and your lifestyle.

It's impossible to do it alone.  But what if you could just access the brainpower you want when you need it?  You can!

No need to splash out on full time, or even a full day.  You can Borrow My Brain one hour at a time.  Discover how...


Business owners who like continuous support and accountability can capitalise on taking small steps towards their goals.  Having the benefit of Unlimited Telephone Coaching is of great reassurance - just book a call when you need support.  This is truly unlimited coaching for a one off fixed price towards achieving 1 goal or solving one problem.  Delivering in focused 20 minute sessions ensures rapid and continuous progress towards your chosen goal.  The only "rule" is you must complete the bite-sized chunks of progress from one call before booking the next.

Gail's focus and granular clarity ensures you stay on point.  Quickly recognising when out-dated thinking takes over and the fixed mindset creeps in this is the fastest way to unlock your business and rapidly progress towards to business and personal goals.


Working with business owners, leaders, CEO's and directors creating business transformation and solving the biggest problems currently halting growth. Integration of every facet of a business including operational efficiencies, people and the reconnecting to local culture and nature is now essential to maximise business performance and create a optimal, sustainable culture and healthy team poised for future-proofing the business.  From focused sessions to monthly retainers to longer term projects delivering clarity, planning and execution.

I have run 4 of my own businesses, held board level positions for national companies and helped major businesses solve significant and costly problems.  I focus on operational improvement, innovation and business growth strategies.  Not all coaches have this breadth of experience.


Business people often want help to make sense of what's happening, or more importantly why something they want is not happening so they can understand and achieve their business and life goals.   During Personal Executive Coaching I create a safe space for forward thinking business leaders to explore a different perspective and make sense of the myriad of options facing them.  A blend of critical and holistic problem solving, business acumen and innate and natural wisdom.  From focused problem-centric sessions to working on a monthly retainer or even a one off "I need help now" session.

Gail has always adopted an empowering coaching style to help other people achieve their own success.  A "couch coach" who asks endless questions is often unhelpful and the situation may warrant direct mentoring and guidance.  Adopting different styles to suit the current situation, drawing on broad business skill set, background in business psychology and complementary healthcare ensures a holistic personal coaching solution is delivered.  


Changing your thinking often needs a physiological boost resulting in chemical changes deep within the brain to change feelings and thoughts.  Body & Business Integrative Coaching is the catalyst for detailed thinking, high performing professionals who are masterful thinkers.  By creating a subconscious chain reaction to change brain chemistry, change feelings and change thoughts gives a different perspective on the current stuck situation.  This is impactful  at every level of personal and business transformation.

Gail creates a safe space for personal transformation at the subconscious level and facilitates far reaching dialogues to unblock people's thinking and business progress.  She is a catalyst for change and provides ongoing support for business owners and leaders as they embark on changes to future-proof their business.


Determined by my portfolio, I am happy to consider longer term roles within a business, however the owners and people and products or services must excite me and I must know I can really help to make a difference.  If the opportunity is right for everyone, then I am thrilled to get involved.

I bring to the table my experience of starting, managing and selling 4 of my own businesses and 20 years strategic consulting.


I offer focused workshops.  My Business Breakthrough workshop is always popular as it combines Business Growth Strategies, Productivity Hacks and Mindset Essentials.  This mix of skills and insights are essential for developing excellence business acumen.  This is a day that takes participants on a journey of self and business discover and helps them recognise where dormant opportunities lie and how by adopting straightforward, overlooked strategies their business can grow exponentially.  This workshop is geared towards business owners, directors and managers who have responsibility for growth.


My core belief is transformation emerges when every aspect of your thoughts, feeling and actions align with your business operations purposefully building your future business.