Legal Sector

Specialist knowledge generated from more than 20 years  improving operational efficiency and effectiveness for solicitors.  My focus is on improving business performance rather than ticking boxes for compliance or polishing the latest shiny object and marketing fad.

The results I deliver start at the very heart of the firm and span improving fee earner productivity, streamlining systems, improving operational performance, ensuring compliance, reducing client acquisition costs, improving client attraction, reducing lost opportunity through to expert positioning and building pre-eminence.

I've developed my deep experience from working for large national law firms, at senior management and director level consistently delivering strategic results.  Additionally I have consulted for over 400 law firms and managed improvement from the analysis of over 45,000 client file reviews.  

Health and Well Being Sector

Without health there is no wealth and from an early age I realised that to improve a business I had to first improve the thinking and emotional well being of the person.  I qualified as a business psychologist and subsequently a complementary therapist and built my own practice.  Because of my knowledge, skills and experience I can offer health and well being professionals they can't get from other business coaches and that is sector specific and business knowledge.

Expert Industry

I believe coaches, consultants and trainers who are good at what they do are in great demand.  The challenge I see these specialists often facing relates to self worth, charging their worth, pricing, creating packages their clients love and creating a business that supports their lifestyle.

As a longstanding member of the "Expert Industry" I've faced many of the challenges myself, gone and learned how to overcome the challenge.  Now I offer a service to help significantly reduce the learning curve and bring to experts more of their ideal clients without being salesy.