Gail has exceeded all of my expectations.  She provided me with specific, no nonsense and practical advice.  Marta Williamson, My Local Solicitor


I met Gail through a mutual connection and from the first conversation we had I knew I wanted to work with her.

I first had a strategic business planning session where Gail took my seemingly disparate ideas, turned them upside down and fitted them into a mind-bendingly obvious funnel. I walked away with a plan that would see me well into the future and expanded my perception on what I could achieve in that time.

I then took up the Get It Done Unlimited Mentoring. Having access to Gail on the phone has been invaluable. The support, experience, knowledge and perspective that Gail brings to the table has pushed me and my business further in a short period of time than I could ever have hoped for working on my own. She is there whether I need specific help or I have lost my way and need a guiding hand.

I have also attended many of Gail’s more holistic offerings. I am not easily stressed but I understand the importance of taking time to look after yourself both mentally and physically. Having never heard of Yoga Nidra before meeting Gail, I now highly recommend joining in with the weekly sessions of the practice incorporating relaxation and meditation.

There are so many layers to what Gail offers but they all work to help you be the best you, both professionally and personally. I highly recommend finding out what she does for yourself as you won’t be disappointed.
Heulwyn Roberts via LinkedIn


I can confidently say that Gail's services really helped me to step back from working in my business, so I could then evaluate, and work on my business with specific steps that would allow me to grow and help me move forward.  Daniel Whittaker, Mi Travel Group


I feel blessed to have excellent people in my support network, and one of the most talented people I know is Gail Biddulph. She manages to mix up the right amount of personal/mindset/ relationship stuff with hardcore business strategy. It makes for dynamic and energetic conversations. Add in some health and wellness and, for me, that makes the perfect day out. I'm delighted to be invited into the Body & Business Club 🙂
Jayne Smith, Founder and Managing Director of Bluebird PA. Advising law firms on efficiency.
Facebook Review


I recently undertook a half day marketing process creation session with Gail for my home staging business. I had previously struggled with developing a business strategy and found the session immensely helpful. Gail was very focused, clearly understood the nature of my business and had some excellent ideas. During the session we created processes for me to utilise that were practical and manageable. I left feeling encouraged and excited about the future and would definitely recommend Gail.
Judith Todd via LinkedIn

I have learnt so much off Gail, I would highly recommend anyone who values their health & that of employees to connect up with Gail.
Karen Sutton, Serenity... A touch of harmony
Facebook Review


Gail has a natural warmth, calmness and elegant professionalism and that is easy to connect with.  Her unique approach helps business owners understand that success is more than just strategy. We live in a time where it is possible to have it all - more time, more money and more clients. Gail’s ‘dive deep’ techniques blend purpose, passion and profit into a whole realism of what this vision means to you.
Liz Keaney, KindnessCODE Warrior™


I am a chiropractor, I am self employed and have been for 12 years.  Suffering from overwhelm, over work and a little bit of burnout.  I’ve been on Gail Biddulph’s business seminar today and I have to say it is worth every penny and I have tapped into one of the best business minds I have ever seen for a very, very reasonable fee, in a very supportive environment.  I’ve gained clarity, amazing insights, and I have a plan of where I am going next.  I have never come across anything like that in all my years  before in a corporate environment.  So I highly recommend you give Gail a call to see what she can do and how she can help your business.  You will not regret it.
Sara Hadfield, Chiropractor


There is absolutely no doubt that Gail Biddulph does walk the talk.
John Grant, Law Firm Managing Partner


Gail Biddulph - delivers!

In a world where so many people are only sharing what they’ve discovered by seeing others do stuff - what a refreshing change to see and hear someone who’s actually been there, done it, ridden the bike and has the T shirt!

Having seen Gail present her world-wise, proven methods I’ve seen the immediate (and long-term) impact on her clients and listeners.

If you’re looking to be more effective, make more profits or simply help your people reach their targets faster and easier than before, then call Gail - you’ll be delighted you did. I did!
Peter Thomson, "The UK's Most Prolific Information Product Creator"


Gail was excellent and commanded a diverse room with her experience and evident skill.
Head of Risk & Compliance


Clear concise and relevant. Gave direction in an area no really knows very much about.
Law Firm COLP


Very Informative and practical
Head of Legal Services


Very thought provoking.
Law Firm Partner


Measured, engaging and encourages useful interaction.
Risk and Compliance Manager


We now have a working management system in place, a clear vision of where we want to take the firm, and a sense of purpose which simply did not exist and would not exist were it not for your help. I would unreservedly recommend your services to anyone wishing to operate a successful law practice in the 21st century.
Managing Partner, Andrew & Co Solicitors


We wanted expert help and we got it! Perhaps this will encourage others to buy in the expertise to build their business rather than muddle along on their own.
Law Firm Director


Gail speaks softly, but with direct potency; calmly, but with real passion and belief; and sensitively, but with energy and enthusiasm. Her impressive attention to detail is a reflection of her professionalism and she leaves no stone unturned in helping her audience get the crux of her message. Engage with Gail, listen to her genuine, heart-felt, eloquent message, and enjoy the ride!”
Phil Olley, "The UK's leading specialist in personal and professional focus"


Since the restructuring and despite not having managed to hire the people we wanted to the … team in the last quarter of the financial year shot to the top performing slot…Thanks for your help with making this happen.
Clinical Negligence Partner, East Anglia Law Firm


Excellent examples to take back to the office. Please send me more details of courses!
Law Firm Senior Partner


Gail Biddulph thinks and looks outside the box! She has volunteered advice and support to us which was beyond the scope of our instructions, but which has proved highly beneficial to the Firm.
Managing Partner


"... an exceptional strategist who took a consistent approach to resolving a range of complex issues in a business with which we worked.

As a superb communicator, she had a clear vision of how the business needed to be taken forward and developed a marketing strategy to direct the business.

As an experienced motorcyclist, her understanding of how to reach the different segments of that market were framed by her understanding of both the off-road and the adventure motorcycle sector.

Her motorcycling experience was relevant too; as the first woman to circumnavigate the UK by motorcycle and an early explorer of morocco on two wheels, she’s no slouch on an off road motorcycle or her big road-going BMW both in the UK and abroad… she knows what she is talking about"
Robin Trangmar M.Ed., SFHEA., FRGS., CharteredMCIPD - Director, BiviBag Adventure


Gail Biddulph is a pint size powerhouse of professionalism who has a most impressive track record of results and achievements. She backs that up with a competent, confident and capable presence.

She has provided me with some perfectly timed and targeted interventions to support the growth of my own business.  What I like the most about Gail's approach is she doesn't pull her punches and is not afraid to tell you exactly what you need to hear... However uncomfortable that might feel (I have had more than a few 'ouch' moments in her coaching sessions!! )

Her stance on clarity has helped me re target and refocus my efforts that has contributed to doubling the international side of my business.

Gail has also inspired me to ride a motorbike.  She demystified what it takes to safely switch from four wheels to two.

I can't speak highly enough of Gail and so it is without reservation that I highly recommend her to people who have the courage to change.
Michael Tipper, International Speaker & Publisher


Just at the right time I was introduced to Gail Biddulph.  Oh wow!  Straight away she got me!  She totally understood me, what I wanted to do and more importantly how I could do it.  From her depth of practical knowledge and experience I knew I was talking to somebody who had used the strategies she was sharing with me.  Let me tell you a little more…

4 years ago I started to build my health and well-being business.  Even though I’ve made some mistakes along the way, it has been a fabulous journey and I’ve loved every minute of it!

At the beginning of 2016 I decided I wanted to grow my business taking it deeper in the UK and going Global too.  And that’s where my challenge started!

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of guru’s and coaches.  The only trouble was I got inconsistent advice about what I should be doing.  I was told what to do, but not "How To".  I’d try and figure it out but I didn't really make any progress.

Fast forward to when I met Gail!  She didn’t just take my word for what I said I wanted to do, she took me right back to basics.  And she was absolutely right to do that because she helped me clear all the clutter from my mind – and that was an absolute must for me.  I knew I couldn’t move forward when I was carrying so much in my mind.  She was brilliant and so, so supportive too. 

She has helped me clarify the vision of where I want to be, how I will get there and more importantly she’s help me feel empowered to takes the steps and grow my business.  I am truly excited about the future and how I can actually achieve my business and personal goals.  Her approach to business is totally holistic.  She worked with me as a person and with my business strategies and tactics too and that made all the difference.

When you find yourself knowing you can do more with your business but feel totally overwhelmed and not knowing which way to turn, I can highly recommend a meeting with Gail.  She’s an expert!  Not only can she talk the talk, but more importantly she walks the walk right alongside of you.
Emma Lazarus-Stockdale, Health & Wellness Professional


I have just been on Gail Biddulph’s seminar day about business and it has been amazing.  I have benefitted hugely. A lot to take home and a lot to add to my business plan on clarity.  But also a lot of structure.  I now have got a very clear idea of where I need to go from here and I think that if you are looking at your business and you know what you want but you are not quite sure how to get there - and you are just overwhelmed at times, which I have been, and you want to find ways to move forward - then this is an incredible day and so I hugely recommend it.  Just get on and ask Gail and come along.
Dr Sue Smith


I've just attended Gail Biddulph’s business seminar.  I've actually already been on a 1 to 1 with Gail.  She has put me on the path of how to actually start my business so I am taking baby steps.  Coming to this seminar, I have seen a much bigger picture and all I can do is highly recommend it and the value I have got from today as a whole group, it has only been a small group, I have actually been able to get encouragement from the people around me.
Ruth Dee


I’ve just completed Gail’s Business Seminar today.  I’ve been on lots and lots of different seminars and I have even covered some of this information before.  But Gail’s got a really interesting way of… she’s got a different twist on it - a different way of you getting those aha moments and making it really easy for me now to want to go and implement rather than me just go away feeling completely overwhelmed and thinking “Oh where am I going to start?”.  So I have already got ideas on what I can do.  It has been really really worthwhile, really worth the time.   And even if you have read through the material and think “Oh I’ve covered some of that”, it is still worth coming because you will have a completely different take on anything that you think you have learnt before.  It is well worth it.
Sandra Leyland-Williams


Thank you for an amazing session of inspirational, insightful, perfectly pitched business advice. I am so grateful and excited for the future.
Diane Jones, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner


Gail Biddulph considered my position like her own.  She helped me to find marketing solutions where I thought there were none.
Polina Cowley (via Twitter)


I started a business in September 2015 and it wasn't as easy as I thought.  I went on training and was told what to do, but wasn't shown how to get my business profitable.  I was stuck.

I had zero support from my closest friends and family.  I couldn't see a way forward and I was about to give up. I'd lost faith in myself and I was stuck!

I was fortunate enough to have a meeting with Gail and this is what happened...

In the first 20 minutes she had untangled my brain!  Within 30 minutes she showed me a path I could travel down.  After 40 minutes Gail gave me a daily structure.  And by the end of an hour she gave me hope that "my business" would work and give me a good income.

By the end of the meeting she'd given me a six month plan that blew my mind and got me so excited!  Finally I could see how I could earn exactly what I wanted to earn, working the hours I wanted to work and look after "me" too!

I'm so excited and can't wait to live my future.
Ruth Dee, Manchester


Before my session with Gail the new service I was offering had stalled due to my own lack of direction and motivation. During the session with Gail I began to realise that there were a lot of things I hadn’t thought of that I could implement without cost.

After our session I had clear direction and a strategy to see where I wanted to be and how to get there (very refreshing!). I now have renewed enthusiasm to go and get to the destination.
John Beck, Beck Carpet Cleaning (via LinkedIn)


Thank you so much for today, I can finally see the light.  I'm really excited that somebody finally understands me and listens.  Gail Biddulph you rock! 

I believe people are put in our path when the time is right and meeting you has helped me see the light and although it's still a bit scary its also exciting.  No money or words can adequately express my gratitude so for now thank you will have to do.  Amazing lady, I love working with you xxx
ES  North Wales


Where do I start with last night?  We, as a group were pleased that you came along to do a presentation that went down so well with a full house!
Dave Spotswood, Wirral Advanced Motorcyclists


A Big belated "THANK YOU" for making our club night such a success with your very warm and informative delivery of your adventures.
Graham Bailey, CCAM 


"You've given me my passion back"...
LS  North Wales 


You've turned my life around.   You've seen possibility and opportunity in me that nobody else could see and given me confidence to start my own business.  I'm so excited about my future.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
AS North Wales 


It was great.  Thank you.  I've done a bit of work yesterday and today.  I've had a total shift in perspective. Now I know I'm going to do 30 to 60 mins a day on marketing it's no longer hanging over me all day.  I don't have a constant feeling that I should be working on getting more patients.  I do it and then leave it behind - room to get on with other things.  Great!
Sally, Chester


The process you created for me to find work is perfect.  I hadn’t even gone half a mile and I could see all the opportunities.  All I did was follow your steps.  It’s brilliant!  It works!

I don't know how you do it!  You’re so much fun and you’ve made things so much clearer.

I’m so really excited about building my business now.  I can’t thank you enough.

Oh and the sleeping thing worked too.
John, St Helens


Just to say thank you for a great weekend; I really did have a lot of fun. Do keep me posted with other trips you have planned.


This is the type of response you can expect to receive from your clients after working with Gail.

“Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. Your prompt attention to every issue, and your immediate response to every request for advice or assistance, was very much appreciated. It made me feel as though I was flying in business class and being pampered for the whole of the journey from instruction to completion. It was champagne standard all the way!”
Managing Partner, East Anglia Law Firm


“Thank you so much for your inspirational and motivational seminar yesterday. You have opened my eyes to a lot of things and I am excited to try and put them into place.”


Gail was a guest speaker and one of my recent events - and how thrilled I was that I asked her to present.

She held the audience spellbound and delivered on every level. Her speech was informative, warm, funny - at all the right moments - and there was great feedback from the delegates.

If you get the opportunity to see Gail present - grab it with both hands! She’s a great speaker and an elegant lovely lady.
Sophie Bennett, Author