The Loft Studio

Personal Yoga Experience


If you have thought about attending a yoga class, but don't like the idea of a draughty, dusty hall, gym or impersonal sports hall then spend time with me in my discrete, private, warm, studio facility.

Even if you have never practiced yoga, or even stepped on a yoga mat, you'll be comfortable with Gail in her studio.  Friendly, practical and fun we'll explore what you'd like to improve.  Perhaps you have an achy back from sitting too long, or sore shoulders from hours at a computer.  Discover the perfect antidote, personalised for you to deal with the stresses and strains of our modern day living

I have practiced yoga, meditation and breathwork since I was 13 years old, qualified as a yoga teacher understands how working long hours, sitting at a desk or in a car takes its toll on your body.

I specialise in practical yoga postures to help support you in their business life.   I've been working with people helping them grow their business for more than 20 years experience and I have used yoga to develop strength and flexibility for more comfortable time at work.

Come and experience yoga. 

To check availability and book your session, contact Gail.