How Your Brain Is Blocking Your Business... And What You Can Do About It

I wrote this book because I saw really great people who were fantastic at what they did, yet they were stuck.

I knew it wasn't just about their business, so I gave them the insights into what was really stopping them moving forward.

This book is jam packed full of practical solutions you can implement in your business today.  And even more importantly you'll discover what's really going on in your brain.

I'm revealing the 7 important brain facts and how they affect the results you get in your business

« Discover what might be limiting the way you think and how it can be changed

« Why your commercial development is like living life as a cave dweller

« How stress is affecting your judgement before you even realise you're suffering from it

« Discover why you justify activities that simply don't move your business forward

«Frustrated you can't move your business forward despite all your effort

« Frustrated by doing more of the same, more often, isn't giving you the progress you had hoped for

« Frustrated you know you are close to a breakthrough but it never seems to materialise.

Plus you'll discover how to use "what's between your ears" to get rid of the blockages in your business so you can more easily attract the clients you'd really like to work with.

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