Taking time out improves productivity

When stress increases productivity and profitability decrease. 

Taking time out feels counter-intuitive, yet recent neuroscience and well being research demonstrates how time out really is essential for clear thinking and focus, both essential for a growing business.    

Body & Business gives business owners time to relax, recharge and refocus.  Working with me as a business consultant who is also a business psychologist and qualified in restorative self-care and well being means you'll be talking with someone who really understands the pressures and strains of running a business.  

Self-Care Treatments for Busy Business People

Signature Body & Business Consultation - Half Day

Relax and spend time working on your business.

  • Initial business telephone consultation to discover what you would like to work on

  • Holistic treatment to destress your body, relax and refocus your mind.  Treatments are personalised to you and may include reflexology, Thai foot massage, Reiki, Ancient Massage, mindfulness techniques, breath work, meditation or Yoga Nidra.

  • Face to face business strategy and mentoring session.

  • Follow up telephone consultation.

Retreat For A Day

Is it time to rethink your business, plan your next chapter of growth or ponder what's working and what's not?  Spend a day in the beautiful Cheshire or North Wales countryside.  Free your mind, discover business possibilities.

Retreat for a Day is tailor made for you.

We may walk and talk, sometimes sit and ponder using the gift of the natural world to allow new ideas of inspiration and insight to emerge.

You may like to include a relaxing holistic treatment and spend time focusing on you and your business goals.  You may choose to talk through all your business ideas, what's blocking you and leave with a step by step plan of precisely what to do to achieve your hopes, dreams and desires.

The purpose of Retreat For A Day is to give you breathing space, time to take a small step away from your business, reflect and refocus.

Yoga Nidra

Chester's only Yoga Nidra Specialist for business people.

Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is the perfect, relaxing antidote for busy business minds.

Helping reduce negative effects of day to day stress.  Practiced in the lying down position.  Your body enters a sleep-like state allowing tension to systematically release from your body and worry or anxiety clear from your mind.  A deep state of relaxation generates positive feelings where the mind can refocus.

Duration: 60 minutes

Small weekly group sessions and personal 1 to 1 sessions available.

Ancient Massage

Ancient Massage is an extraordinary method of realigning the body originating in Kathmandu.  The fully clothed massage simultaneously works on your body, mind and your emotions.  Often called "yoga for the lazy" you will receive the benefits of yogic stretches.  Ancient Massage works to release every tension or discomfort in your body.  You will feel a release of limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.  You will start to feel more like your true self and rekindle your zest for life and your business.

Duration: 3 hours (2 hour massage plus pre and post consultation time)


Using reflexology to help with health problems affecting your business and life is very effective.

Research and personal knowledge reveals regular reflexology sessions significantly improves productivity, reduces stress, helps cure headaches and gets rid of insomnia.

Duration 45 minutes

Thai Foot Massage

A lower leg and foot massage which is great for tired, achy feet and legs.  Thai Foot Massages uses thumb, knuckle and wooden Thai stick.

Thai Foot Massage is a hands on stretching massage which stimulates the reflex points corresponding to your internal organs.  Stimulation of these points promotes general health and well being.

Duration: 45 minutes

Business Growth & Self Care Packages

Tailored packages focused on using physical massage to help alleviate business related symptoms.

All appointments include time for a business consultation and a self care massage.  You have the opportunity to talk and ask questions without feeling rushed, then fully relax and enjoy your treatment knowing you have got your business problems "off your chest" and have solutions to hand.

Combined business and self care packages can be taken as a one off emergency treatment or you can give yourself some me-time each month.

Combine monthly self-care and business mentoring to keep you relaxed and working at peak performance.

Package prices start from £99.


All Body & Business treatments are conducted at a private and discrete location in Eccleston, Chester.  Upon booking you will receive directions to the dedicated location.

You can enquire and book your consultation here.