Hello and welcome to the Body & Business Club

This is your exclusive invitation to join a group of well being conscious, high performing business women dedicated to fulfilling their potential, being happy & healthy... and wringing the greatest joy from life in the process!

The quality of your business and life experience is directly related to the quality of your well being and connections

Having mentored women in business for many years, I saw a need.  A need to openly and confidently connect inner life and well being with business success.  A need for deep, supportive connections, focus and fun.

My response:  business collective where women who want more put themselves at the heart of their business.  A space where travel, new experiences and personal growth enable them to become the best version of themselves whilst knowing they are supported in achieving their big vision for their business.

The Body & Business Club is a healthy mix of meeting like-minded women, powerful masterminding, group business coaching, exceptional retreats (as a genuine business expense) and a place to support and celebrate each others success.

The Body & Business Club brings together women who are passionate about their business success, their personal well being and are open to aligning their mind (thoughts) with the brain (feelings) and acting on accelerated business growth strategies.

We believe in collaboration, not competition and joyfully working together to achieve even more.


Your membership includes:

  • Meeting every 4 weeks for friendly networking and masterminding with like-minded business women

  • Support to connect with and be introduced to exactly who you want to speak with for your business to grow

  • Invitations to business retreats

  • Speaker and thought leaders on the changing landscape of work and well being

  • Complimentary business analysis to identify opportunities for you to grow your business.  This is a unique benefit of being a Body & Business Club member.  The consultation reveals how you can achieve your business goals - this is priceless and included in your membership

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