Accelerated Business Growth System for Lawyers 


A system rooted in your specialist knowledge of law which unlocks latent value within your firm.

A system which has been proven with law firms irrespective of discipline, size or accreditations held.

A system which eliminates duplication, maximises operational performance and helps attract more of your ideal clients.

What is This System?

This business system helps unlock the latent value hidden within every law firm.  It creates an unrivaled consistency of client service delivery.  It continually improves efficiency in a systematic way.  It seamlessly links compliance with marketing - something no other system does.  It helps position you and your best lawyers as experts to your potential clients.  It delivers high levels of Profit Per Equity Partner.

How Can I Use This System?

This is a business system.

It is the brainchild of me, Gail Biddulph.  I created it whilst consulting for large purchasers of legal services.  Subsequently I have implemented the system in more than 450 firms improving operational performance and profits.

It is a system that is bespoke to every firm, yet uses a precise and evidence based framework.

Even when the obvious improvements have been made, there is always room for improvement in the gap between current business and the value ceiling.  The system sits neatly capitalising on the opportunities in that gap.

You can use the system to pinpoint opportunities, identify the benefits and how much extra will be released into your profit stream.

The system unlocks the value in compliance, marketing, client satisfaction, operational performance, HR, IT, training, departmental, clients, strategic, tactical, psychological, educational and individual silos within your firm.

The system, once integrated improves efficiency and reduces management workload.  The system unlocks latent value delivering:

* Higher margins
* Competitive edge
* Remarkable client satisfaction
* Improved efficiency
* More effective marketing
* More of the right clients
* Improved compliance

Who Benefits From Using The System?

I provide system support to Managing Partners, Directors, CEO's and COLP’s of any size firm, whether they have accreditations or are working to large purchasers SLA's and irrespective of the discipline.

How to Implement The System

The best way is for me to work with you and your team during the initial implementation phase.  Once the system is embedded and you are reaping the rewards quarterly management visits are all that is required to keep The System in tip top condition.

You may choose from one off consultations, staff training sessions, Senior management mentoring or continuous support and project management.

Benefit From My Experience

My experience and results span:

* Reducing cost of compliance
* Improving fee earner utilisation
* Improving profits from fixed fee work
* Psychology of pricing
* Creating pre-eminent expert positioning
* Creating the most effective system for marketing
• Generating high levels of consistent client service standards.
• Turning costly compliance into a business system that delivers higher levels of client satisfaction.
• Improving fee earner billable hours
* Improving operational performance
* 20 years experience as a law firm consultant improving profitability, market positioning and client attraction.

Accelerated Business Growth For Lawyers is The Most Comprehensive, yet straightforward system for lawyers to grow their business.

There are no additional layers of complexity and no additional software systems to embed into your firm.

This straightforward system makes the most of everything you've got.

  • Improves marketing results

  • Improves client satisfaction

  • Improves compliance

The system that builds business growth from the inside out!

Contact Gail today and find out how much extra this system could give your law firm