About Gail

From early in my business life I created simple, effective and powerful improvements to get the job done faster, which meant I had more time for me!

I discovered there was no single answer or road to success.  Achieving bigger and bigger goals meant I had to combine ideas from a wide range of areas.  Those areas include having a sharp and active mind, being healthy as well as business psychology, neuroscience, marketing, business growth, economics, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, philosophy, physiology, holistic health, yoga and well being.  

The question I'm always asking is how can we reach the goal or achieve business strategy most efficiently and effectively.

Over the years I've worked for a range of businesses from international organisations, professional service firms, smaller niche businesses as well as people who are passionate about helping improve people's health and wellness both personally and at work. 

A Brief History

  • Improving results for independent businesses since 1998

  • Climbed the ranks of law firms from assisting Senior Partner of a Personal Injury firm to IT Director for a national law firm.

  • Trained in law firm operational performance by law firm management Professor Martin Read

  • Introduced profitable fixed fees in the defendant insurance sector

  • Worked in diverse sectors including legal, health and wellness, travel, insurance, transportation, fashion, retail, road safety, not for profit sector, digital marketing, financial services, expert industry.

  • Studied extensively from Business Psychology to digital marketing.

  • Specialist in pricing psychology and how, why and when people buy.

  • Key player in driving consistent improvement from simple to complex systems

  • ISEB (Information Systems Examination Board) qualified

  • Experienced project manager

  • Built a reputation for solving costly business problems through business analysis, systems improvement & training people

  • Analysed and managed improvement from 45,000 client matter files (if you're a lawyer you'll know what this means!)

  • Introduced Client Perception Testing into the legal sector

  • Trained in business growth systems

  • Developed an accredited MBA level Work Based Learning management and leadership program for lawyers

  • Learned sales and marketing when I sold fork lift trucks and managed a national sales team.

  • Qualified as a coach with Noble Manhattan the world's leading life and corporate coach training company

  • Yoga, holistic and therapeutic qualified

  • Believe word of mouth marketing remains the best way to grow a business

  • Created a system for achieving any goal

  • I'm the first woman to ride a motorcycle solo round the coast of Great Britain.  Even though I didn't have Sat Nav or a mobile phone I didn't make a single wrong turn!  I raised a huge amount of money for charity and it was my biggest PR and marketing campaign with radio, TV and newspaper interviews around the country.  Even today I speak to groups about my experience and how so much of it relates to business.

  • I wrote my first book about the 22 life and business lessons I learned from planning and riding road Britain.

  • My second book is about How Your Brain Blocks Your Business and What You Can Do About It

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