I'm Gail Biddulph 

My aim is to boost the results of our business community resulting in happier, healthier and wealthier people. 

My solutions are the result of over 20 years experience boosting the growth of some of our largest organisations and household names in the UK.  I adopt a multi-faceted approach delivering well thought out solutions to real problems.  My 3D analytical skills quickly pinpoint the source of the problem and deliver profitable solutions that are deeply connected to the team dynamics.

I reach deep into our business community and nurture our most brilliant minds through Walking Talking Business.  I host Business NetWalking events enabling networking and shared experiences on the move.

I’ve been optimising and transforming businesses from the inside out for more than 20 years.  

My Why

I believe every business person has the opportunity to be properly rewarded.

I believe businesses are open to conscious change when the solution has been proven.

I believe when people see the path for growth opportunities they are more open to change.

I believe all lasting change happens from the inside out.

I believe showing people practical solutions will transform our world. 

Why People Work With Me

People are drawn to work with me because of my holistic approach to people and business.  I'm told I quickly grasp the uniqueness of a person, leave no stone unturned and get to the core of what's really holding back personal or business growth.  The result is exponential growth for my clients who are serious about making a difference in their life.

A Bit About Me

I've been a Yogi since I was 13, which was two years after my first little business venue where I set up in competition to the school tuck shop.  My friends moaned that the tuck shop didn't sell the sweets they wanted, so I set up and sold them exactly what their heart (or sweet tooth) desired.  

My qualifications are rooted in Business Psychology, Technology, Business Growth and Holistic Therapy.

Against all the odds, I've achieved my own goals, run my own businesses and I understand people are driven by complex sets and subsets of feelings, thoughts and behaviours.  I'm known for my quick thinking and getting to the nub of a problem.  I'm also known for my deeply empathetic and compassionate connection, being able to feel what's really going on just beneath the surface.  

Since my teenage years I've been involved in organising events.  From school Christmas parties for the community to country fetes.  I've organised and hosted motorcycle tours for a national motorcycle magazine as well as planning, organising and executing my own round Britain charity motorcycle trip.  It seems a perfect fit that now part of what I do involves bringing together business people in NetWalking events.

Simple is Sexy

I believe greatest success comes when we strip away everything that's not working perfectly, leaving a simple, effective system that delivers solutions for our life and business.  I've mastered the art of working on the source, not the symptom.

I'm high on practice and low on theory - although if you'd like a theoretical conversation give me a shout and we'll geek out over a cuppa!

No Single Path

There is no single answer or road to success.  The greatest sustainable strength and improvements some when we weave together the core of you as a human being, with your unique offering to your clients.

Pushing Boundaries

I've pushed boundaries, pioneered new and different ways of thinking and doing.  Continually doing what has never been done before, shattering illusions, recreating a new reality again and again, proving the exponential results from holistic thinking and joining the seemingly disparate dots, achieving bigger and bigger goals.

Continually creating has meant I've combined ideas from wider and wider topics.  Being at the forefront of latest scientific, technological, business and medical research has been essential.  Asking questions others never dare to ask to uncover whether the latest gimmick is an advancement or regurgitation often leads me back to the power of ancient wisdom.

Formal Study Too...

I studied - formally and informally.  Now I weave together strands and strategies from well being, health, business psychology, environmental psychology, neuroscience, marketing, business growth, economics, digital marketing, philosophy, physiology, holistic and complementary health, far reaching worldwide ancient wisdom, and yoga to help people achieve the business success and growth they are seeking.  

I've Worked With...

I have worked with, consulted for and mentored leaders, business owners, managers and directors from a broad spectrum of businesses.  From international organisations, law firms, accountants, financial advisers, mortgage brokers, smaller niche and artisan businesses as well as people who are passionate about helping improve people's health and wellness both personally and at work.  The most significant growth was solving a £50 million problem for an insurance company and turning that deficit into a £38 million profit .  As part of that project I also improved the profitability of over 100 partner businesses.  

I've Written...

I have written two books.  The first about the 22 life and business lessons I learned from planning and riding a motorcycle around Great Britain.  The emotional story thwarted my writing on numerous occasions.  Undeterred I found a way and the initial transcript came from being interviewed.  My personal lesson - where's there a will there's a way.

My second book is about How Your Brain Blocks Your Business and What You Can Do About It

The Last Word...

Every day I walk, talk and practice yoga and always spend time upside down.  Why?  Ask me and I'll share my secret.