Meet Gail

For for than 20 years, Gail Biddulph has been dedicated to the pursuit of continuous improvement of businesses.  Effortlessly dovetailing the unseen world of thoughts and feelings with visible personal actions, streamlined processes, efficient systems to deliver business and personal excellence.

I focus on optimising change from the inside out.  Inside each person and within the business.  I transform people and businesses by getting to the root cause of a blockage, finding and implementing the solution and being the catalyst for change one small step at a time.

I've been told I have a gift for translating complex theories into everyday language creating takeaways you'll "just get"!  High on practice and low on theory.  I learned people are overwhelmed with what to do, they want the practical application of how to solve their biggest business problems.

Early in my career, I discovered the hard way, there was no single answer or road to success.  The greatest sustainable strength and improvements came from weaving together many different thoughts and skills.

Throughout my life I've been pushing boundaries, pioneering new and different ways of thinking and doing.  Continually doing what has never been done before, shattering illusions, recreating a new reality again and again, proving the exponential results from holistic thinking and joining the seemingly disparate dots, achieving bigger and bigger goals.

Continually creating has meant I've had to combine ideas from wider and wider topics.  Being at the forefront of latest scientific, technological and medical research has been essential.  Asking questions to uncover whether the latest gimmick is an advancement or regurgitation often leads me back to the power of ancient wisdom.

I studied - formally and informally.  Now I weave together strands and strategies from health, business psychology, environmental psychology, connectedness to nature, neuroscience, marketing, business growth, economics, digital marketing, philosophy, physiology, holistic and complementary health, far reaching worldwide ancient wisdom, and yoga to help people achieve the business success, growth, happiness and peace they're seeking.  

I have worked with, consulted for and mentored leaders, business owners, managers and directors from a broad spectrum of businesses from international organisations, professional service firms, smaller niche businesses as well as people who are passionate about helping improve people's health and wellness both personally and at work. 

When you have a meeting with me, don't be surprised if we are walking, talking business in a natural environment - nature is inspirational when creating your future business.

A Brief History

  • Improving results for independent businesses since 1998.

  • First woman in the board room at a national law firm and immersed me in my ability to walk my talk!

  • First woman to ride a motorcycle solo round the coast of Great Britain.  Even though I didn't have Sat Nav or a mobile phone I didn't make a single wrong turn!  I raised a huge amount of money for charity and it was my biggest PR and marketing campaign with radio, TV and newspaper interviews around the country.  Even today I speak to groups about my experience and how so much of it relates to business.

  • Worked in diverse sectors including legal, health and wellness, travel, insurance, transportation, fashion, retail, road safety, not for profit sector, digital marketing, financial services and expert industries.

  • Climbed the ranks of law firms from assisting Senior Partner of a Personal Injury firm to IT Director for a national law firm.

  • Trained in law firm operational performance by law firm management Professor Martin Read.

  • Introduced profitable fixed fees in the defendant insurance sector.

  • Studied extensively following my initial degree in Business Psychology.  My continuous thirst for knowledge and the application of skills to improve our World saw me embark on diverse range of studies including: computer coding, digital marketing, business process improvement, change management, operational excellence, project and program management and immersing myself in personal and executive coaching, complementary healthcare, mindfulness and meditation, intuitive intelligence, holistic and critical thinking, active listening, ways of ancient wisdom and the innate way of nature in business.

  • I am Reiki Master certified, complementary health qualified including reflexology, Thai foot massage, metamorphic massage, ancient massage, yoga, meditation, mindfulness.

  • I champion orgnisational and cultural change using the phenomenal power of marginal gains to deliver sustainable and consistent improvement which is both business and brain friendly.

  • Specialist in pre-emeinence strategies with direct links to pricing psychology and how, why and when people buy.

  • ISEB (Information Systems Examination Board) qualified

  • PRINCE2  qualified, which means I deliver projects on time and in budget.

  • Experienced project manager having run multi million pound business improvement projects, property restoration as well as my own events, tours and charity runs.

  • Created a step by step system for achieving any goal and presented internationally at entrepreneurial conferences.

  • Continue to train business leaders and managers how to develop a process to bridge the gap from where they are to where they want the organisation to be and create the cultural shift of happy, healthy staff.

  • Built a reputation for solving costly business problems through business analysis, systems improvement & training people.

  • Solved costly business problems adding millions to the bottom line of organisations, including £38m for one division of an insurance company.

  • Analysed and managed improvement from 45,000 client matter files (if you're a lawyer you'll know what this means!)

  • Introduced Client Perception Testing into the legal sector.

  • Developed an accredited MBA level Work Based Learning management and leadership program for lawyers.

  • Learned sales and marketing skills whilst selling fork lift trucks and quickly progressed to run national exhibitions and significantly improve the results of a national sales team I managed.

  • Qualified as a coach with Noble Manhattan the world's leading life and corporate coach training company.

  • Believe word of mouth marketing remains the most sustainable way to grow a business.

  • I wrote my first book about the 22 life and business lessons I learned from planning and riding around Great Britain.  The emotional story thwarted my writing on numerous occasions.  Undeterred I found a way and the initial transcript came from being interviewed.  My personal lesson - where's there a will there's a way.

  • My second book is about How Your Brain Blocks Your Business and What You Can Do About It

  • My third book about connecting the seemingly disparate dots in life and business is in draft...

  • Every day I practice yoga and always spend time upside down.  Why?  Ask me and I'll share my secret

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