I boost the growth of businesses, optimising every facet of operational performance and profits.  From thinking to business processes to profits - I deliver improvement.

Working with business owners and directors I deliver an abundance of unique insights at all stages of a business lifecycle.

Creating clarity and getting traction in your marketplace and solving hidden problems optimises both the wealth and wellbeing of businesses.  The ultimate goal is to usher in a new era of business, one that has greater clarity, higher profits, empowered, vibrant, connected, confident and growing faster than the current status quo.

I'm a business psychologist, auditor and accredited accelerated business growth specialist and complementary health practitioner.

When I’m engaged to improve the performance and profits of a business I analyse the whole business including the hidden blocks to high performance of people and processes.

I've written a couple of books too.  The first is the 22 life and business lessons I learned from my charity round Britain solo motorcycle ride.  This was the time where most of my lessons on clarity stemmed from.  Without clarity it would have been impossible to ride 3989 miles with no satnav, no mobile phone, yet no wrong turns.

The second is about how and why our brains are blocking our business growth.  I discovered a fundamental truth about mastering the art of being human in business and it stems from one human physiological fact.  When you know what it is, every reason why businesses don't progress becomes crystal clear.

For more than 20 years I've worked in the value added consultancy arena, audited and analysed business systems and pinpointed business growth opportunities.  Some of my clients and organisations include The Law Society, Aviva, insurance companies, top tier law firms, regional and high street law firms, international yoga and retreat centres, accountants, IFA's, mortgage brokers and well being specialists.

Why do I create clarity and incorporate mind and body and business?  Because by improving mental well being, releasing stress, calming emotions brings more clients, having more engaged employees brings greater wealth to my clients businesses.  When we clearly adopt the mind, body and business approach to growing our businesses we experience tremendous, sustainable transformation.

"I have a tangible, infectious passion for optimising every facet of a business, large or small.  I combine my knowledge and expertise of people and processes to help you generate the results that you’re seeking."